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TxC5 Consulting

Your Outsourced Accountant

TxC5 Consulting provides virtual bookkeeping and accountant services to entrepreneurs and businesses in both Texas and New Mexico.

Whether your goal is to create an efficient budget or practice effective record keeping, our remote professionals are ready to help.


No more “Ball and Chain“
(aka a desk or office)

If you feel like ‘the office’ is a stationary place, we need talk. You can now snap a pic of your receipts and have them submitted to your QBs before you even leave the building. No more entering in bills as they come! Now you email, scan or snap a pic while sitting outside your kid’s school. FREEDOM starts with a quote.

Currently using a Factoring Service?

Need to and not sure how?

With Factoring, time is your money. Literally. Let TxC5 Consulting set you up, get you caught up or use our years of experience to get your invoices submitted faster.


We are confident that our team’s unique experiences and financial focus will be an asset to your business.

One of the most effective ways entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses reduce expenses is by contracting professionals to handle tasks which fall outside of the company’s primary function, rather than hiring in-house employees.

Outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services provide you with all of the financial data and insights of a fully functioning accounting department with the capabilities of a full-time staff. No more employee turnover with the most important part of your business.

Our Services


Everything that needs to be done to maintain financial records. This includes recording
and categorizing transactions, reconciling accounts, month-end and year-end closing, along with other important tasks.


 Fixed Asset Tracking and Depreciation, Sales Tax Filings, Full Balance Sheet Reconciliation, Profit & Loss Review and Analysis. Tidy-tax ready financials delivered monthly and annually.


If your books need to be set up, cleaned up or caught up, we are your people. However bad
the situation is, don’t worry: we’ve seen worse. We’ll get you caught up and teach you new processes to keep things are that way.


Do you have someone sending you letters or making calls requesting specific information? CPA give you a list you don’t know what to do with?

Let our firm help take care of that task.

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